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Alida Anderson Art Projects


100 Artists of Washington, DC

The Influence of Process Drama on Elementary Students' Written Language

Critically Charged Spaces of Self and Other Developing Literate Language Through Process Drama

Arts Integration Professional Development for Special Educators

Implementing Response to Intervention (RtI) For Teaching Whole Number Concepts and Skills to Students with Learning Disabilities (LD)

The utility of Chinese tone processing skill in detecting children with English reading disabilities

Integrated Arts Approaches in Education: Dramatic Arts as a Mediator for Literacy Learning

Mera Rubell: 36 Studios in 36 Hours

Aqui Estamos: Contemporary Cuban Artists. A traveling exhibition (Maryland, DC, Virginia and Philadelphia) showcasing work by K'Cho, Marta Maria Perez Bravo, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Cirenaica Moreira, Roberto Wong, Sandra Ramos, Aimee Garcia Marrero and others.

Early Look: A Survey of Undergratuate Art Students along the Mid-Atlantic

Using Integrated Arts Resource Tools in Inclusive Learning Environments

Evaluation of Pictography as a Language Facilitation Technique for Kindergarten Age Children

Literate Language Feature Use in Pre-School Age Children with Specific Language Impairment and Typically Development Language

Reclaiming the Literate Identities of Students

Hotel Art Intervention

Bootcamp for Artists (Seminar)

Gallup, New Mexico Historical Imagery Seen Through Native American Eyes

Contemporary Art Videos as Part of Pedestrian City Streets Project

Interactive New Media Art as Street Art Project

Impacts of Latin American Racism on Latin American Art

Contemporary Cuban Artists in a post-Castro Cuba

Future Campaigns: Artwork Depicting Future Military Awards to

Hispanic Icons (Creative Capital Proposal)

Campello on Contemporary Art (Presentation)